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    Implant honesty for

    an economic development

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    Attract investment to

    create new businesses

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    Generate life quality in

    farmers and their communities

About us

Inverpaisa offers to national and international investors of the private sector a simple, reliable, and safe way of investing in Mexican companies, generating employment in communities that lack of it nowadays.

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What is Inverpaisa?

It is an Impact Investment Fund Administrator that attracts resources from national and international investors for the development of agro-industrial projects. Its first constituted fund, Inverpaisa I, impacts Mexican regions and communities living in poverty and deep marginalization.

The resources captured are managed by the Impact Investment Fund generated in the Group and administered by the Mexican banking, which offers certainty and transparency regarding their operation and destiny. The incentives of the capitalist partners are aligned to those of the productive partners. Therefore, a sustainable and long-term growth is guaranteed by creating a mechanism of equitable distribution of the financial products of the Fund, and a mechanism of wealth creation for the rural communities in Mexico.

For this reason, Inverpaisa becomes a legally established vehicle to channel resources. Once the investment enters the Fund of Inverpaisa I, all the structure of GrupoPaisano works collectively in favor of the investors and micro and small scale farmers.

Inverpaisa spreads out and administrates the economic resources for the implementation of the business plans, which are made by the incubator ImpulsoPaisano (another company of the Group). Inverpaisa ensures every payment of the investor is applied to the Impact Productive Projects. The administration of all the companies is made by the group of specialists hired by GrupoPaisano and supervised by ImpulsoPaisano. The administration of the companies ends once the investors are completely divested and the producers are total owners of the same. The supervision and technical support are also managed in the corporate governance of the companies by a constant supervision from the board of directors to the established companies.

In this innovating investment scheme, the micro and small scale producers, with whom the investment projects are made, become partners of the created companies. A minority shareholder interest is transferred to them with option of additional purchase to the Impact Investment Fund of Inverpaisa I in such a way that they become the majority shareholders and owners of their future and destiny.

The Impact Investment Funds of Inverpaisa I work as a co-investment vehicle in which the incentives of the capitalist partners are aligned to those of the micro- and small-scale producers, guaranteeing their sustainable and long-term growth by creating a mechanism of equitable distribution of the financial products of the Fund, and a mechanism of wealth creation for the rural communities in Mexico.


To increase the value of the contributions made abroad by the investors and the farmers in Mexican companies to improve the life quality of the micro- and small-scale producers in Mexico.


Capture the investment that Mexico needs for the progress of their communities and regions, developing successful productive cores. Also, to export the model to other nations in similar conditions to Mexico.


  • Honesty:
    Continuous manifestation of what it is with transparency.

  • Solidarity:
    If my surroundings improve, I improve.

  • Sustainability:
    To generate self-sufficient cycles in the communities.

  • Generosity:
    : The more you share, the more you receive.


  • Generate more value of assets, and consequently, more wealth in Mexico.
  • Increase the patrimony from the first investment.
  • Strengthen the investments in Mexican companies to substantially improve the economy of the families that are most in need.
  • To integrate the investors as partners and owners of distinct Mexican companies with of Social Responsibility.
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GrupoPaisano is a holding company formed by 4 enterprises and a Non-profit Organization focused on generating impact into the economic, social, environmental, and human development areas in Mexico.-an integral development scope-.


Is an Impact Fund Management Company which draws cash from investors from Mexico and abroad to develop agricultural and industrial projects. It´s first fund is Inverpaisa I which will impact communities and regions in Mexico that are in extreme poverty.


It is a business incubator that designs Impact Investment Projects with a comprehensive development view. Once the fund is made, ImpulsoPaisano implements, plans, operates, trains, and gives technical assistance to the human capital of the communities, generating the necessary accompaniment to reduce risks and strengthen the profitability of each project.


It is the company responsible for the commercialization and distribution of the products generated in the Impact Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano, with a strategy focused on capturing the community margins of intermediation in favor of the micro and small scale producers and investors and manage an attractive price for the buyers.


It is a Non-profit Organization that contributes to the development of the communities in which GrupoPaisano operates. By detecting the fundamental needs of the population, CorazónPaisano offers linkages with institutions, companies, government agencies, and Civil Society Organizations.



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